Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Crack 1.0 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of Crack 1.0!

This milestone has been over six years in the making.  Crack is now usable for a wide variety of applications, and I've used it to build everything from quick and dirty file scanners to web applications, music software, an OpenGL FPS engine and an encrypted filesystem.

In keeping with semantic versioning, this release also marks the beginning of interface stability for the language.  Any future 1.x releases should be backwards compatible with this one, so there's no longer any concern about the ground shifting out from under you when you write Crack code.

Massive thanks to the other primary contributors: Shannon Weyrick, Conrad Steenberg and Arno Rehn.

Curiously, the biggest thing Crack is lacking right now is a user community, so feel free to dig in, play around and speak up.  More good stuff to come :-)

Download 1.0


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  2. You won't have to wait long for it to become popular...

    Just write a post on how to use it as a embedded scripting language and it's done :)

    Because it's perfect for that : fast compilation and execution, strongly-typed, OO, familiar C++-like syntax, etc.

    MUCH better than AngelScript, JavaScript, Lua, Python, etc.

    Game developers like me just to know how to :
    - compile crack source code along the source code of a host application;
    - declare a few types, functions, methods, constants from the host application (FFI);
    - load and compile a ".crk" file;
    - calling some crack functions using these C++ types and methods directly from the host applications.

    That's all.

    On my side I'll make a tool generating automatically the Urho3D wrapper, to allow people to use Crack as the main scripting language for this engine.

  3. About the language popularity, I'd suggest using a less agressive Python-like colorscheme for your website.

    The alternative CRACK logo is made using the free "WordMean" font.

  4. Building a community means more work, I'm afraid.

    There is an urgent need for a forum on the official web site, to be able to ask for help to others on how to compile, install and use Crack...

    That's very important if you want Crack 1.0 to be quickly adopted...

  5. @Rico - For help requests, go directly to or #crack-lang on FreeNode for IRC help.

    (apologies for the late response, we don't get notification on these posts).