Friday, July 1, 2016

Crack 0.12 Released

I'm happy to announce the release of Crack 0.12.  Download the source from here.

Release notes:

  • Added full support for special documentation comments, created the model builder which knows how to extract them and created the "crackdoc" documentation tool.
  • Greatly improved http server support, moved it to crack.http
  • NML extensibility enhancements.
  • Convert buffer sizes from uint to uintz
  • Change alias serialization to deal with ordering issues in nested aliases.
  • Added SHA256 hashing module.
  • Added POSIX signal handling, display stack traces for fatal signals.
  • Many more small enhancements and bug fixes.
This release has been almost a year in coming, which is way too long.  I had planned to make this a 1.0 release, but since no one is clamoring for API stability I've decided to retain the 0.x versioning so I can continue to evolve the language and modules.